Inato Wins Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies Of 2024

Discover how Inato secured a spot in Fast Company's prestigious ranking of the most innovative companies in 2024.

Discover how Inato secured a spot in Fast Company's prestigious ranking of the most innovative companies in 2024.

We Made the List!

We are proud to announce that we have been recognized by Fast Company as one of the most innovative companies of 2024. 

Four years ago, we started on a journey to unlock access to patients in the community, creating a marketplace that empowers sites and sponsors to collaborate on more inclusive and efficient clinical trials.

Fast forward, with more than 100 trials and 4,000 community sites across 70 countries on our marketplace, we are well on our way!

Being recognized by Fast Company further validates our mission of making clinical research more inclusive & efficient for all.

Thank you to our site and biopharma partners who have embraced our shared mission and made this possible.

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From Fast Company's Adam Bluestein

How this biotech company connects drugmakers with diverse clinical trial participants

Inato’s work with 16 of the top 30 pharma companies to bring diverse patients into their clinical trials make it one of the most innovative biotech companies of 2024.

Managing clinical trials to test new drugs is a big business, with companies spending $1 billion plus on average for a new drug. Recruiting the right mix of patients has been a particular challenge.


Paris-based Inato, which in May 2023 raised $20 million from Cathay Innovation, Obvious Ventures, and others, focuses on improving representation and involving more diverse patient populations in drug trials. Inato’s online platform matches regional hospitals and community health providers with trial sponsors, which gives drugmakers access to otherwise hard-to-enroll populations and benefits patients who couldn’t ordinarily get access to experimental treatments.

In 2023, as adoption of its clinical trial marketplace more than doubled, Inato worked with Moderna and Sanofi to enroll diverse patients in trials of a vaccine and a COPD treatment—bringing in more than 80% diverse patients at its sites for both trials. (Pharma companies have traditionally relied on the same large academic centers to run their clinical trials, with the top 5% of research sites accounting for about 70% of trials.)

Launched in late 2020, Inato’s platform has 3,000-plus community research sites in over 70 countries and partnerships with a third of the top 30 pharmaceutical companies.

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