Multiple AbbVie Oncology Trials to Launch on the Inato Marketplace

A bundle of oncology trials from AbbVie is coming to the Inato marketplace.

Great news for community oncology research sites looking for scientifically meaningful and patient-centered opportunities: a bundle of oncology trials from AbbVie is coming to the Inato marketplace. This group of trials will enable a deeper partnership with sites that can engage across some or all of the trials planned in the program. The program will include studies in both early and late lines of therapy as well as across multiple solid tumor types.

Sites will be able to offer more choices to patients while AbbVie and Inato collaborate to reduce operational burden during site selection and activation.

Highlighting ABBV-400

ABBV-400, a next-generation c-Met targeted ADC, is being investigated in solid tumors including metastatic colorectal cancer. Results from a Phase I trial will be shared as an oral presentation at ASCO on June 3 shining the light on preliminary efficacy and safety.

Patient and Site-Centric Trials

Focusing on the importance of patient access and efficiency in clinical trials, AbbVie is creating a patient- and site-centric approach. This means:

  • Focus on diversity: Abbvie will share global study diversity targets as they select sites that can address the needs of historically underrepresented patient populations ensuring broad representation and access.
  • Reducing the burden on sites: By posting their trials on Inato, AbbVie is streamlining the process for sites to express their interest and get selected. Data re-use and automation will significantly reduce the burden for sites and will lead to faster decisions and a more streamlined activation process.

Timing, Indications and Geographies

We are excited to announce that the first trials from the ABBV-400 program will be added to the Inato marketplace in early June. This marks the beginning of an ambitious rollout throughout 2024 that will bring oncology studies in CRC, NSCLC, and GEA to community research sites. Each of the AbbVie trials will be global, spanning several countries, with a guaranteed presence in the United States. The specific countries for each trial will be listed on the Inato marketplace. 

Next Steps

AbbVie is committed to selecting community sites for the ABBV-400 program. Selection criteria will not be overly restrictive. We recommend that sites on the Inato marketplace update their profiles with their indications of interest and relevant experience if they have not done so already.

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